New album "The Artist" available now!!



Music is ecstasy to me.

That place I can escape to and forget the world

forget my pain, my problems,

that place where everything is possible.

When I write a song, I guess that’s where I’m trying to take you on this new album.

Check out the brand new animated video "Mindless" by ShaManic
- created and directed by Ciro Ayala / Provoke Films

Born and raised in the heart of American musical culture, ShaManic’s Nashville, Tennessee upbringing provided him with the diverse influences and inspiration that would eventually give birth to his rich, poetic alternative hip hop sound. “Growing up in Nashville, it’s kind of impossible to not fall in love with music and to not want to be involved in it. It was sure true for me,” ShaManic explains. “My music is more hip hop than anything else, but growing up I listened to everything: country, rock, R&B…you can definitely hear that influence in my songs, I’m always trying to incorporate something new. If you’re not doing something new, what’s the point?”

Lend your ear to the lively beats, diverse melodies and vibrant vocals of songs on his debut album THE ARTIST, such as Badadada, My Soul or Drunk Love, and you will feel these expansive influences converging into a truly fresh and original voice. A voice that grows and evolves throughout the course of the album.